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This Week at Cross Church

This Sunday, I will be preaching God’s Word at Cross Church. On Saturday evening, I will return from Israel with great anticipation...

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Photo by ronniefloyd: Our 3 fabulous guides for Israel with Jeana and me: Daniel,  Pelar and Yuval.
Photo by ronniefloyd: #crosschurch
Photo by ronniefloyd: Pray for and consider this request now.
Photo by ronniefloyd: Our own @chuckthebutler of @crosschurch brought the Word at Gideon Springs for our people last Monday. He is one creative and animated brother.
Photo by ronniefloyd: Our @jacuna87 led us in worship songs on the Sea of Galilee last Sunday morning before I spoke.
Photo by ronniefloyd: Powerful moments on Sea of Galilee this past week with our people. Great to have @nickfloyd8 and Meredith with us.
Photo by ronniefloyd: A few days ago, we were on the Sea of Galilee with @coachgusmalzahn @kristimalzahn @jeanafloyd and our @crosschurch group
Photo by ronniefloyd: In 2011 Robin came to faith in Christ when she attended the showing of the movie, #Courageous. When the Lord led me to rent several theaters to use the movie for the gospel, one of our pastors led each theater. Nick was leading the theater the night Robin came to Christ. Yesterday I heard her story here in Israel. Robin is active in her faith and our church, just completing her first trip to the Holy Land.
Photo by ronniefloyd: Special time at the Garden Tomb. @coachgusmalzahn @kristimalzahn @jeanafloydmaccom @crosschurch
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