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This Week at Cross Church | My Final Words Before I Depart From You

I love you Cross Church! You are an amazing people of God....

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Photo by ronniefloyd: What a joy to be post-service with Dr. @nickfloyd8 the new Senior Pastor of @crosschurch
Photo by ronniefloyd: Celebrating Jeana’s birthday today. Love you @jeanafloydmaccom
Photo by ronniefloyd: Join us next Sunday morning. Bring people with you.
Photo by ronniefloyd: #crosschurch
Photo by ronniefloyd: Happy Mother’s Day to Jeana, the Mom of our Children, and the Gigi to our grandchildren. Also one fantastic First Lady of @crosschurch ... We love you @jeanafloydmaccom
Photo by ronniefloyd: Mom has been in heaven since 2011. A pic with her when we were kids. Yes, I was the little guy. I honor my Mom on this Mother’s Day. We still miss her so much.
Photo by ronniefloyd: Happy Birthday to our oldest son, who is a great leader, husband, Dad, and passionate for God, Coach @joshfloydHT @HuskyFast We love you.
Photo by ronniefloyd: #crosschurch
Photo by ronniefloyd: Jeana says good-bye to her 95-yr old Mom, as well as the family. Transitioning to Lubbock, Tx to live in assisted living just minutes from Jeana’s brother. Her Mom was the wife of a Pastor for over 50-Yrs and when we talked to her about our new calling, her words were, “Don’t let me keep you from what God wants you to do.”
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