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If There Is One Thing You Need To Get Right In Your Life, You Need to Make Sure You Get This One Right

Cross Church Pinnacle Hills – April 2, 2017


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You Asked For It

During Summer 2016 we asked the Cross Church fellowship to submit questions they have asked themselves or encountered while reading the Bible. Each Sunday our Teaching Team answered these biblical questions, leading our people to grow in their faith with clarity and confidence.

Give Me Joy

In this world of doom, gloom, and despair what should our attitude be? It should be ‘Give Me Joy.’ In this 11-part series we explore how to live the Christian life and anticipate the future with joy. A great resource to share with those struggling to find joy in their daily routines.

7 Conversations You Should Have With God

This 7-week series calls each one of us to have seven specific conversations with God. Many of us find it difficult to talk with God about ourselves, and struggle with how to pray for ourselves. This series calls us to be honest in our conversations with God to further grow in our walk with Him.

Sex Today

This 5-part sermon series addresses the sexual revolution that is racing out of control in America. This sexual revolution is undermining the family, influencing the culture, and is a mockery of Biblical truth. This series call us to resolve to view sexuality through a Biblical lens.