RONNIE Floyd's Latest Sermon

God's Glory: Distinguished By It Or Distanced From It?
Cross Church Pinnacle Hills - June 22, 2014


7 Series #HelpMyFamily Series

In the six days between Palm Sunday and Good Friday, Dr. Floyd preaches, with great reverence, the death and burial of Jesus
Christ. This series was called "7: The Final Words of Jesus on
the Cross." During this week Dr. Floyd walked his church through the final hours of Jesus’ life.

In this five week series, Dr. Floyd takes us through a practical series to help your family through the trials, challenges and messiness of everyday life with family.

Chained Series Strong Series

In this four week series, Dr. Floyd talks about how to break free financially.

In this four week series, Dr. Floyd talks about being Strong. Strong disciples, facing Strong resistance, and being Strong leaders.

Acts Series

Throughout 2013, Dr. Floyd will be leading his congregation in a
expositional study of the book of Acts. Topics include 'Advancing
the Kingdom' and 'Kingdom Decision Making.'