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What is at Stake in the 2016 Presidential Election in The United States of America?
You Asked For It  |  Message 4

Cross Church Pinnacle Hills – June 26, 2016


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We Believe

This 12 week series takes the time to teach what we believe in at Cross Church and why we believe it. We believe these things based off of our strong belief in the authority of the Holy Scriptures.

Passion & Beyond

Beginning in Luke 22, everything begins to accelerate towards the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Even Jesus is preparing His disciples for His death. But, in this nine part series we see that this was not the beginning of the end, but the beginning of the beginning because everything begins at the Cross.

Signs of the Times

There is a present day and there is the final day of the Lord. Throughout this three part series we look at what we can expect until the end comes, and take comfort in knowing that our security in Christ will empower us to persevere until the end.

Pleading with Cross Church

This five part sermon series is calling the body of Christ and His Church to: take part in extraordinary prayer, ask the Lord to ignite the next great Spiritual Awakening, repent and leave behind a life of spiritual indifference, and to call everyone within the church to pray for a personal and church revival.

Oh, Come Series

In this six-week series we explore several spiritual principles, including: God’s timeline for everything in your life is both right and purposeful, God works within us before God works through us, and that there is a divine plan for each of our lives.