Give Me Joy Series

In this world of doom, gloom, and despair what should our attitude be? It should be ‘Give Me Joy.’ In this 11-part series we explore how to live the Christian life and anticipate the future with joy. A great resource to share with those struggling to find joy in their daily routines.

Give Me Joy

February 7, 2016

Give Me Joy in My Perspective

February 14, 2016


Give Me Joy in my Life

February 21, 2016

Give Me Joy in Considering
Others More Important Than

February 28, 2016


Give Me Joy in Jesus Christ
the Lord

March 6, 2016

Give Me Joy in God Who is
Working in Me and in Others

March 13, 2016


Give Me Joy in Knowing Jesus

April 3, 2016

Give My Joy in my Future

Guest Speaker, Dr. Jeff Crawford
April 10, 2016


Give Me Joy Through the
Problems in My Life

Guest Speaker, Dr. Nick Floyd
April 17, 2016

Give Me Joy in God’s Provision
for My Life

May 1, 2016