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This Week at Cross Church | Blessing Baskets This Weekend

This Past Sunday at Cross Church

This past Sunday at Cross Church, Dr. Nick Floyd preached for me at the Springdale and Pinnacle Hills Campuses, while Dr. Jeff Crawford preached for our Fayetteville Campus. Jeana and I were away speaking for the Hawaii Baptist Convention. She and I invested in a lunch time gathering speaking to pastors and wives, and I brought the keynote message for an evening session. While there, I was able to do an interview, and have a meeting with the volunteers of the National Day of Prayer over Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands. It was a real blessing to be part of the Hawaii Baptist Convention. The Lord is doing a great work on the Islands and beyond through the Convention. It was a very quick trip, but a beneficial one.

This Sunday at Cross Church

Home For The Holidays-twaccThis Sunday at Cross Church, we continue the series, Home for the Holidays. This text-driven series will lead to one exciting Sunday. You will not want to miss it as we travel room-by-room through the house each week. This week, we discuss the bedroom. Do not miss what God’s Word speaks to us about the family in relationship to this subject.

Blessing Baskets Weekend Ahead

Blessing Baskets-twaccThis weekend is our assembly and distribution for Blessing Baskets. If you have not yet, sign up to help assemble and/or distribute. It may just be a bag of groceries, but it can mean so much more to a family who does not have the financial resources to have a holiday dinner. We are also able to share the love of Jesus, which has more value than anything else in this world. If you haven’t yet sponsored a family and would like to, you still can! Go here to sponsor a family or sign up to help with assembly and distribution.

Christmas Summit – Get Your Tickets Now! Veritas Will be Singing Christmas Music

Veritas-twaccThursday, November 30, our Christmas Summit will be a great experience for everyone. Anyone can come, but get your reservations now! Our Christmas Summit is always special, and this year is no exception. Our guests will be the music group Veritas. They are outstanding, and if you have heard them, you will not forget them. They will be fantastic for this gathering. Bring your friends. Here’s a preview:

See You Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd

This Week at Cross Church | Thank You Veterans!

Thank You Veterans!

On November 11, we observe Veterans Day. On this day, we honor and thank all of the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans Day celebrates all veterans and their past service. Therefore, on Saturday, November 11, celebrate and thank all of our veterans. On Sunday, we will honor all military veterans in each of our worship services. Bring a veteran to church with you on Sunday.

“Home for the Holidays” Series Continues

Home For The Holidays-twacc

This past Sunday, we taught our first message in our new series on the family, Home for the Holidays. You can view the first message, A Strong Foundation, here. This week, we move to another room in the house where families experience things together… The Kitchen. Do not miss our message this week. God will use this series to build your life and family.

Give to and Serve in Our Blessing Baskets Ministry

Blessing Baskets-twacc

Blessing Baskets has helped families in Northwest Arkansas for 25 years. We need you. This ministry cannot reach people without you. You can participate in this essential ministry by giving to sponsor one or more families, and by serving at our assembly and distribution days. Find out more, sponsor a family, and sign up to serve here.

Pray for America: Unity

NDP Unity-twacc

On Thursday evening, November 2, I spoke to the National Leadership Summit of the National Day of Prayer. Approximately 250 leaders gathered from across America to be equipped and inspired so they could go back and mobilize thousands of volunteers to hold observances on the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 3, 2018. Last year, according to their website, over 30,000 gatherings occurred. If you have an interest in America, I want you to watch as I unpack the 2018 theme for every National Day of Prayer observance in 2018. Please join me in praying for this ministry in our nation.

Supporting the Pastor and Fellowship of First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Texas

Since Sunday, our hearts have become overwhelmed with concern, love, prayers, and grief with our brothers and sisters in Christ at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. On Tuesday morning, I called their pastor, Frank Pomeroy, and we conversed for ten minutes. He wept, I wept, and I prayed with him. Pastor Pomeroy has lost more than one-half of his church, including his own daughter.

Cross Church will come alongside this pastor and church by supporting them in prayer and making a financial gift to them. This situation is beyond sad and has us all concerned, but also reminds us of the hope of heaven. Pray for Pastor and Mrs. Frank Pomeroy as well as the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Please know, we are regularly evaluating the challenges in today’s world relating to security matters for our own church. Simultaneously, we also resolve to be people of the Book, filled with hope, and refuse to be intimidated by the evil one, Satan.

Advancing Toward 2020 Goals

Vision 2020-twacc

This past week, Cross Church reached 11,100 people. Praise God! In our BIG DAY this past weekend, we saw the church stretch in major ways, engaging more people across all of our campuses. Remember, when I shared our VISION 2020 goals on the last Sunday in August, I said that our goal was to reach 10,000 people weekly. Of course, this was our BIG DAY, but reminds us of what our church can do together each week. When we work hard and contact people, inviting them to church, and then engaging them personally, we can see this become a reality. Please pray with us and work with us in reaching all of these goals by the end of 2020 to the glory of God.
See You Sunday,

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd