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This Week at Cross Church | Summer is Coming!

A Personal Financial Goal for Each of Us This Summer

First Things-twacc

A personal and worthy financial goal for each of us should be to give at least the first tenth of all God has given to us each week. Therefore, from May 28 – September 3, faithfulness is the goal. Regardless if we are in worship or away on vacation, we should be faithful to give. You can set up your account for recurring giving here. If each of us does this, we will reach our Summer Program of Giving goal of $5,580,000 over this fifteen-week period this summer. Included in this total need is $150,000 to provide financial assistance for students and children to attend camps this summer. This Sunday is the beginning date for this fifteen-week emphasis.  If you’d like to learn more about the Summer Program of Giving, you can go here.

“Did God Really Say” Series Began This Past Sunday

Did God Really Say-twacc1

This past Sunday, we began a new message series on the book of Genesis entitled, Did God Really Say. For eleven weeks this summer, we will be teaching from Genesis. This will keep us on task and in the Word of God this summer. If you missed the first Sunday in this series and our message, Did God Really Say He Created the Heavens and the Earth?, you can watch it here. Do not miss this Sunday, May 28, as we speak on, Did God Really Say He Created Everything in Six 24-Hour Days?

Send Your Students and Children to Camp… The Rest of Us, Let’s Pray!

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The most life-changing week of this summer could be the week that you send your student or child to camp. I promise you, by the time they return, they will be so glad they went. Parents, lead your children spiritually. Sending them to camp is one way to do this. For those of us without children or students to send, let’s pray for our camps. Here is a list of camps and their dates:

    • Kidz Camp – Camp Siloam, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, June 12-15: For children who have completed grades 2-5
    • Middle School Camp – Sky Ranch, Oklahoma, July 4-6: For students who have completed grades 6-7
    • Student Beach Camp 2017 – Destin, Florida, June 25-30: For students who have completed grades 8-12

Again, let’s call out to God for the students and children who will be attending one of these camps!

Pray for Me

I need your daily support in prayer. It is a busy season for all of us, and summer does not slow down. Leading our church and preparing to speak weekly, plus working on my next book manuscript due at the end of June means early mornings are sometimes paired with late nights. I want to fulfill the responsibilities God has for me to the best of my ability for the glory of God. Thank you for praying for me. I am most grateful.

See you Sunday, Cross Church!

Ronnie W. Floyd

This Week at Cross Church | New Series Begins Sunday

Did God Really Say?

Did God Really Say-twacc

This Sunday, we are beginning a new message series on the entire book of Genesis entitled, “Did God Really Say?” Beginning on May 21, we will teach from the book of Genesis throughout the entire summer. I enjoyed teaching our Living With Purpose series so much, but there is nothing like teaching a book of the Bible to God’s people. Our agenda beginning Sunday: the Book of Genesis. Begin reading it. Bring a friend.

Summer Program of Giving is May 28 – September 3

First Things-twacc

The financial goal for our Summer Program of Giving over the fifteen weeks of summer is $5,580,000. This is our weekly budget requirement for the weeks of May 28 – September 3, plus $150,000 for scholarships for all of our camps. Our goal for each of you and ourselves is to give at least the first tenth of all God has given us each week. Be faithful to give if you are in worship each Sunday or away on a time of vacation. You can set up recurring giving to occur even while you are away. You can learn more about that here. Join us in reaching this goal for the glory of God to reach Northwest Arkansas, America, and the world for Jesus Christ.

Congratulations to Gina Franzke for 25 Years at Cross Church

Franzke Fam-twacc

Twenty-five years ago, we called Gina Franzke to join our Ministry Team. She was a single adult, just out of college. Now she is married to Ed and they have two beautiful daughters, Meredith and Katelyn. They are a wonderful family that we love so much, and we are so grateful they have been on our team all these years. She has had several roles on our team. Now she is the leader of our Women’s Ministry and First Impressions Ministry on our Springdale Campus. We are thankful for Gina’s heart, refreshing humor, and the spirit she adds to our team. Gina, Ed, Meredith, and Katelyn, we love you and are so thankful to God for you.

Dave Ramsey on the Podcast This Week


Dave Ramsey is our guest on the Life and Leadership Today podcast this week. Please listen to this profound and gifted man. You will hear some fantastic advice for your own personal finances. God is using Dave so mightily. You can listen to it here.

Pray For Our Ministry Team and Their Spouses This Week

I’d like to ask you to please pray for our Ministry Team and their spouses this week. I have listed their names and how we can pray for them in agreement in Jesus’ name. Here is the list:

Call out to God for each of our Ministry Team members and their spouses by name, appealing to God for each of them to deepen their walk with God personally and their marriage together so God can raise them up to be used in the highest capacity as leaders in our church.

“To sum up, each one of you is to love his wife as himself, and the wife is to respect her husband.” Ephesians 5:33

Executive Team

  • Dr. Nick Floyd (Meredith), Teaching Pastor and Leads All Staff
  • Ben Mayes (Sue), Executive Leader of Finance & Operations

Fayetteville Campus

  • Phil McMichael (Rachel), Campus Pastor
  • Clif Anderson (Sarah), Minister of Small Groups
  • Nick Bethea (Jordan), Children’s Pastor
  • Jennifer Francis (Josh), Director of Preschool & Women’s Ministries
  • Luke Harper (Kelsey), Minister to Students
  • Brandon Kennedy (Carlese), Minister of Evangelism
  • Jill Langham (Mike), Administrative Assistant to Nick Floyd
  • David McKinney (Rachel), Worship Pastor
  • Brian Mills (Jennifer), College Pastor
  • Shane Schauer (Chelsea), Associate Worship Pastor

Fayetteville East Campus

  • Dave Kinney (Emily), Campus Pastor

Neosho Campus

  • Chris Deitsch (Rachel), Campus Pastor

Pinnacle Hills Campus

  • Buster Pray (Martha), Campus Pastor
  • Jeremy Dixon, Associate Student Minister
  • Mollie Duddleston (Jim), Director of Ministry Operations and Women’s Ministries
  • Billy Hardesty (Rachel), Associate Children’s Pastor
  • Jeniffer Johnson (Shane), Director of Preschool Ministries
  • Forrest Knight (Jordan), Associate Worship Pastor
  • Jamie Lantzsch (Lisa), Minister of Pastoral Care
  • Lee Larry, Associate Minister of Assimilation & Special Projects
  • Adam Miller (Abby), Minister to Students
  • Brad Noblitt (Caitlin), Worship Pastor
  • Chris Plunkett (Cary), Minister of Discipleship & Young Adults
  • Travis Young (Ginger), Children’s Pastor

Cross Church School of Ministry

  • Ed Upton (Eleanor), President

Springdale Campus

  • Clint Smith (Ashley), Campus Pastor
  • Johann Acuna (Aubrey), Associate Worship Pastor
  • Tim Bottoms (Tabitha), Worship Pastor
  • Heath Bryant (Shelli), Children & Family Pastor
  • Chuck Butler (Amy), Minister to Students
  • Scott Carter (Crystal), Assistant Minister of Missions
  • Pablo Daut (Florencia), Minister to Hispanics
  • Brian Dunaway (Gina), Director of Communications & Technology
  • Micah Farish (Karis), Associate Minister to Students
  • Becky Fletcher (Jim), Administrative Assistant to Clint Smith
  • Charlie Foster (Gloria), Minister to Senior Adults & Pastoral Care
  • Gina Franzke (Ed), Director of Women’s Ministries/First Impressions
  • Jesse Garcia (Amy), Associate Minister to Students
  • Keith Harmon (Jackie), Marriage & Family Pastor
  • Andy Jennings (Lauren), Millennial Pastor
  • Greg Jones (Christi), President, Shiloh Christian Schools and Minister to Adults
  • Jennifer McCroddan (Mark), Director of Preschool Ministries
  • Gayla Oldham (Tony), Personal Assistant to Dr. Ronnie Floyd
  • John Phillips (Jennifer), Creative Video Director
  • Doug Sarver (Karen), Minister of Global Missions
  • Eric Vaughan (Pamela), Director of Compassion Center Northwest Arkansas

See you Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd