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This Week at Cross Church | Thank You, Ben Mayes

Thank You, Ben Mayes

Twenty years ago, our church called Ben Mayes to join our team as Executive Leader of Finances and Operations. Ben is a great brother in Christ, highly competent, and with the growth of Cross Church, connected ministries, and Shiloh Christian School, he oversees the management of at least $35 million annually. Every year, we receive the highest grade on all financial audits. Our Board of Directors and staff team have complete confidence in Ben. We love Ben and Sue. Congratulations on twenty years and thank you, Ben and Sue Mayes, for all you do for the Cross Church Family and ministries, as well as Shiloh Christian School.

Speaking of Finances

On October 1, we began our new Ministry Budget of $20,800,000. I pray you will join us in practicing and living out first tenth giving and generosity weekly. This is imperative for each of us in our walk with Christ, but it is also a blessing for Cross Church. Our ministry has much before us. So many depend on this ministry and we depend on the Lord together to meet all these needs through Cross Church. Thank you, church family, for all you are doing for the gospel and its advancement across the world.

Speaking of Advancing the Gospel Globally

With our giving through the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention, we join in partnership with over 47,000 other churches across America to advance the gospel statewide, nationally, and globally. In this new fiscal year, we have increased our commitment to give through the Cooperative Program. Therefore, by the end of September 30, 2019, our Cross Church Family will give no less than $1.3 million through the Cooperative Program. This is another reason we need to give through the Ministry budget of Cross Church. Last year, Cross Church was the #2 church in total monies given through the Cooperative Program. It is a joy for our church to give in partnership with other Southern Baptist churches to advance the gospel through all of our Great Commission ministries across Arkansas, America, and the entire world.

No Greater Commitment to Advance the Gospel than Right Here in Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas is our highest priority in gospel advancement. It is incumbent upon us to reach every age of every generation of every ethnicity in Northwest Arkansas. This is a must, an imperative, and we believe a biblical command. Acts 1:8 calls us to reach Northwest Arkansas, America, and the World for Jesus Christ. From personal witnessing to preaching the gospel to compassion ministries to major events that stretch us into reaching the lost without Christ, Acts 1:8 is always on our hearts.

Who’s Your 1?

From mission ministries to worship ministries to small group ministries, we are asking you to join in mass participation and attendance on one of our four campuses on Sunday, October 21. On this day, we will preach the gospel clearly, simply, and evangelistically with the ultimate cause to call men, women, boys, and girls to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. We will also welcome Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on all three of our Northwest Arkansas campuses. Will you pray now about Who’s Your 1? Who is the 1 person you will invite, pray for, and bring with you? Who is the 1 who needs to come to Christ and be saved? Bring them to Cross Church on October 21. It is a major day for mass participation and attendance! Let’s make this a fantastic day for our great Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

See You Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd

This Week at Cross Church | A Letter from the Board of Directors

Dear Church Family,

Join us on Sunday, October 7, as we celebrate what God has provided in your life financially and observe Prove the Tithe Day, a day when each of us will launch into honoring God with the first one-tenth of all He gives us. For some, this is new ground; but, we are trusting God with you and for you. Because hundreds and hundreds of Cross Church families did this weekly over the past year, we were able to see God do so much through our people. Here are a few examples:

  • 1,176 people followed Jesus in Believer’s baptism.
  • Relocated our Fayetteville Campus to an incredible new facility.
  • Impacted the lives of 904 students and children who attended our Summer Camps.
  • Helped train up 1,992 children who attended one of our Vacation Bible School Extremes.
  • Enrolled the largest class in our history of the Cross Church School of Ministry.
  • Helped 21 church plants in North America and around the world.
  • Provided approximately 2,100 Blessing Baskets to families and provided 27,050 meals through our Feed the 479 ministries. We had 494 professions of faith in these ministries.

As your Board, we want to challenge you. October 1 begins a new fiscal year at our church, as we will now give to meeting the demands of our Ministry Budget over the next twelve months. The 2018-2019 Ministry Budget needs are $20,800,000. The growth of our church and our ministries call upon us to meet this budget need.

The Ministry Budget of our church is the funding source of these ministries and as always should receive at least the first tenth of all we have and give. It allows us to reach out to a lost and hurting world with the hope of Christ’s love. We believe, with God’s favor, our best days are still ahead. One of God’s great promises in Scripture concerns honoring Him with at least one-tenth of your total income, as well as one-tenth of all He has entrusted you with in your life. This may seem impossible to some, but God is able to provide for your needs as you obey Him. Hundreds of our families are already honoring God with at least the first one-tenth of all God has given to them but as Pastor Floyd and Jeana will do and have challenged us annually, let’s join them in moving our giving above the first tenth, practicing generosity. As always, you can give online or sign up for recurring giving here.

We believe in winning others to Christ, seeing them baptized, and discipled to reach the nations for Christ. Join us in this grand task of Reaching Northwest Arkansas, America, and the World for Jesus Christ.

Thanks again and let’s continue to Reach the World for Christ!

Your Cross Church Board of Directors,

Robert Farrell, Nick Floyd, Bob McCaslin, Ben Mayes, Bert Miller,
Ted Schneider, Donnie Smith, Jerry Walton, Andy Wilson