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Pastors and Churches: Surrender

SurrenderI feel that most pastors and churches would agree that there continues to be a deep need for a spiritual revival in our churches today. We need to decide, as pastors and churches, to deal honestly with God’s desires for us to give our full allegiance to Him. Until we surrender to Him fully, we will have little to no prospect of a revival in our hearts, limited to no stirring of the Spirit in our churches, and little to no spiritual awakening in our land. True revival is nothing less and nothing more than the manifest presence of God in our lives. It is when Jesus is free to be who He wants to be in, through, and around us. A surrendered pastor and a surrendered church will experience spiritual revival, especially when both are surrendered at the same time.

Give Yourself to God Completely

I believe we are more likely to give ourselves to God more completely when we allocate a day or a period of days to some level of prayer and fasting. No, this is not always necessary, but at least consider it if it seems to be needed. Open your heart to whatever God wants you to do. Spiritual revival comes when we give ourselves to God completely. Revival is the manifest presence of God in our lives. Until the church of Jesus Christ regains its spiritual power, recaptures its spiritual passion, is willing to pay the price, and begins to demonstrate an unfailing love for Jesus Christ, it will remain lukewarm, out of touch, ineffective, purposeless, nonproductive, and impotent spiritually.

Give 100% of Yourself to Jesus 

I often pray: Lord, I give 100% of me to 100% of You so that 100% of You will work through 100% of me! A spiritual breakthrough begins with personally surrendering oneself fully to God, transferring all ownership to the one true Owner, Jesus Christ. We do not need to grab, but to release. We do not live with our hands in fists, but with our hands open. We will never choose to let God have His way with us if we continue to hang on to our own desires, our own dreams, and our own bondage.

God Knows What is Best for Us

In wartime, if our enemy captures us, we are commanded to surrender. At that moment, we have a choice. We can take our chances, make a run for it, and hope for the best. But if an armed enemy pursues us, we have little chance of physical survival. When God asks us to surrender to Him, the analogy is the same except for one key point: God is not the enemy. He is our Father and our Friend. He knows what’s best for us. We need to surrender our lives to God in the same way a child holds up his arms surrendering to his parents.

Surrendering to God is abandoning all that we have in order to receive all that God possesses. When we enter God’s gateway to supernatural power for living, we begin to learn what a surrendered and exchanged life is all about. We begin to hear God speak to us in a voice we’ve never heard before. It’s not a harsh voice, but rather the voice of a waiting Father who will always tell us the truth.

Pastors and Churches, Surrender 100% of Yourselves to God Today

I continually challenge my Cross Church Family: Stop being content living life, doing family, working in the marketplace, and doing ministry through the local church without the power of God. This challenge is not just appropriate for each of us in my church but may even be worthy of consideration for you and your church.

I have believed this and said for years: Pastors, stop being content to live personally and do ministry daily without the power of God. This is not God’s will nor God’s way. There is a better way! What is it?

Pastor, surrender your life and ministry to God completely. Church, surrender all you are and have to God fully. Whatever it is Pastor, and whatever it is Church, surrender it to God fully. Right now. Not later. Today.

Now is the Time to Lead, 

Ronnie W. Floyd

Developing Your Staff Team

DevelopmentThere are many ways a leader can develop their staff team, but I have never found a better way than allocating time away from the office together. In fact, whether it be days or hours, the end will result in a much stronger team.

Jeana and I Just Led Our 31st Consecutive Staff Advance

Last Thursday, Jeana and I closed out our 31st consecutive Staff Advance for our Ministry Staff and their spouses here at Cross Church. This three and one-half-day investment into our team was tremendous. We are grateful for this opportunity.

Why do we do it? We do this because we believe in:

  • Developing God-called leaders to lead
  • Launching God-called leaders to lead
  • Empowering God-called leaders to lead
  • Investing in God-called leaders and their spouses

Here is what we have found again and again, and please read this carefully: Not one God-called leader will ever rise above their marital relationship with their spouse, nor will they rise above the engagement of their spouse in their own ministry. That is why, for thirty-one consecutive years, Jeana and I have led this staff advance.

What Was Small Years Ago Has Now Flourished Greatly

When I came here as a boy preacher from Texas, I had no idea how long I would be here, but I believed even then in the importance of developing our small staff team. So, I started something that has flourished beyond my imagination. God has been so good to us.

I am convinced that one of the reasons why Cross Church has grown and flourished over the years is this intentional, continual commitment to our Annual Staff Advance. For simplicity’s sake, we plan it for the same week each year, beginning the last Monday of July.

It can be tiring for Jeana and me to plan and lead, but the investment of time into the lives of people make it more than worth it all. Each of us always leave better individually and we always leave more unified.

The larger our church has grown and the more complex our organization has become makes these days more important than ever before.

Find Your Way To Develop Your Staff Team

Our way is not the only way, but it works for us. I cannot imagine leading this large, complex ministry without these few days together each year. It would make the days longer and the grind of ministry less enjoyable.

Here is what I have discovered: Your staff team does not need to be like you, nor do you all need be best friends, but you do need to enjoy working together.


Leadership is hard. Having a team that you enjoy working with and even enjoy personally makes leadership a joy.

My counsel to you today is simple: Find your way to develop your staff team.

Now is the Time to Lead,

Ronnie W. Floyd