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In this video blog, Pastor Ronnie Floyd and his wife, Jeana, talk about lessons in life, love, and leadership. The interview was filmed February 14, 2013, as part of a Summit event. The Summit, started by Pastor Floyd in 2001, is a weekly luncheon that motivates, inspires, and challenges business professionals to make the climb in the business world. Hundreds of business leaders from across the Northwest Arkansas region come weekly to hear significant leaders from around the country share insights that could transform careers.


Fire In The Pulpit . . . A Testimony From Sunday!

Yesterday I entered the pulpit on the same day that I completed a round of antibiotics for bronchitis. This past week resulted in limited energy, with little to no voice, but still a full, normal agenda. While still able to maintain my overall fitness, each day was a struggle. Therefore, when I went to bed on Saturday night, I had no idea the level that my physical and vocal strength would be on Sunday.

My Expectation Grew

Yesterday morning, I had a meaningful, fulfilling quiet time, truly engaged with the Father. When I went to the treadmill for a one-hour jog while going over my message for that morning, I was not sure how I would do.

Energy was provided, voice was limited, but my expectation was growing.

You see, what I had within me was a growing ember, a text from Acts 2:1-13 that was catching great fire within my heart. By the time I climbed off of that treadmill, I knew, “God was going to let me preach this dynamic text and do so with fire!” How else could anyone ever preach Acts 2:1-13?

Even as I drove to our Pinnacle Hills Campus to deliver God’s message twice yesterday, my expectation continued to grow. Ever-increasing within me was God working in and through me, not just getting me through the day, but also prevailing against the enemy victoriously. I began to realize…

My Heart Was On Fire

Nothing can set a preacher’s heart on fire anymore than the power of the Holy Spirit. This is what was happening to me. I had experienced it within me, hundreds of times, but even with my limited physical ability this day, God was doing it again!

Friends, my heart began catching on fire this past Monday morning, in my study time, when the text started seizing my heart. I could not do anything to keep it from burning, for God was working within me, stirring me, changing me, creating in me expectancy! Yet, the winds of challenge happened during the week. I was not used to seeing the attacks rage in this way in some time. Physically! Yes, an assault on my physical energy, viability, and even voice.

But praise God, He is faithful! For that which He started on Monday morning in my study time, He finished yesterday morning! As I entered the pulpit with limited energy and voice, God miraculously strengthened both because my heart was on fire!

I Preached Like A Wild Man!

I tell you, I could not hold myself back at all. I could not measure out my energy and voice one service at a time. You see, I did not know for certain Jesus would not come between services so I laid it all out, holding nothing back!

Some would say, “Pastor, you preached like a Pentecostal preacher today!” Others would say, “Pastor, you preached like a wild man!” My friends, please know, you can call it what you want to call it, but yesterday fire entered that pulpit!

The Holy Spirit that awakens the Word of God within us and sets us aflame empowers us to preach with fire in the pulpit! Even with physical limitation, God is not limited! He is able! He never fails us!

Let It Happen This Week In You

Wherever you go this week and whatever you face, let this same fire burn within you and through you this week. It starts with a moment in God’s Word when His Word enters your heart like an arrow on fire. It continues with the Holy Spirit turning it into an ember that rages with flames.

Through you, His life and Word lives! Seek Him. Grab hold of the Word and let the Word grab hold of your heart! Appeal to the Spirit of God this week to set your heart on fire!

He did it for me. He can do it for you.

Let God Set Your Heart On Fire!

Ronnie Floyd