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EP 20: Life and Leadership Today with Guests, Sammy Rodriguez and Bishop Harry Jackson

Racial PodcastToday, we talk with two leaders who champion racial unity and healing. Sammy Rodriguez is known as one of the most influential Latino voices in America. He is the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the world’s largest Hispanic Christian organization. Bishop Harry Jackson is one of the Chief Conveners of the Reconciled Church. Both of our guests today serve on the White House Evangelical Faith Advisory Board, and are authorities on racial unity in America. We discuss…

  • The present status of racial unity in America
  • Why the racial divide occurs
  • Why the Church matters to racial unity
  • How the justice system can begin to help the racial divide
  • What our guests believe is the primary civil rights issue in our nation today

… and more. Don’t miss what these men have to share.

EP 18: Life and Leadership Today with Ronnie Floyd: The Dance Between God and Country

Ronnie Floyd-podcast

On this episode of Life and Leadership Today, Ronnie Floyd talks about America with The Dance Between God and Country. He discusses…

  • How we can balance total allegiance to Jesus Christ and loving our country
  • Is this “dance” real, or creating an unnecessary argument?
  • The lack of honor for leadership
  • How social networking has caused division in the church and our country
  • Division within the Church
  • Racial tension
  • Honoring our military
  • Spiritual awakening in America
  • Do we have the faith to trust that God can move in our country?
  • How big our God is, and His ability to set things in order in America

… and more. Don’t miss this discussion on America with Dr. Ronnie Floyd.

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