This Week at Cross Church | Dear Cross Church Family

Ben Mayes-roundedRF-blogDear Cross Church Family,

People need Jesus. People change the world.

In addition to our routine giving, year-end gifts are an integral part of our Ministry Budget and allow our Church to do even more to fulfill our mission.

Ways You Can Give

During this Christmas season, we want to challenge you to prayerfully consider helping meet the needs of our ministry by doing these things:

  • Please ask yourself, “Have I given to God at least one-tenth of all my income this year to my local church as Scripture commands?” If not, please honor Him with a gift this December to catch-up.
  • Please consider giving a special Happy Birthday Gift to Jesus in December so that our Church can continue to help meet the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Northwest Arkansas, America, and the World.
  • Please give a special gift to our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. By joining with 51,000 churches and congregations, we are able to place missionaries across the world.
  • Please also consider, our Reaching Our Mission Offering which funds our Cross Church School of Ministry, church plantings nationally and internationally, our FEED the 479 Ministry, and additional assistance for missionaries.
  • Please remember one of our VISION 2020 goals is to be debt free by 12/31/2020. Once that goal is achieved, our Church will be able to utilize the current debt service of $3.2 million annually for other opportunities to reach the world for Jesus.

One creative way to give a special year-end gift is to donate stock directly to the Church. Stocks often increase substantially in value over time. If you have been one of the beneficiaries of this happy event, consider contributing some of your stock to the Church. Such stock gifts usually result in significant benefits for both the contributor and the Church—in addition to God’s blessings.

We are Thankful for Your Continued Generosity

We praise God for His wonderful blessings and your generous giving. Cross Church, we need you; we believe in you; and, we thank you for your continued generosity. Please remember, you are a part of the many lives touched for eternity at your Cross Church. Your investment in the things of God are the things that will last for eternity and should be our priority in life – people leave legacies. So, please make the support of your Church a priority this wonderful season. Should you need any assistance, please give Ben a call in the Church Office at 479-751-4523.

THANK YOU for being an incredible, caring Church that touched a record number of individual lives for Jesus Christ this year. And as 2017 concludes, we need to each make sure we have honored God with at least the first one-tenth of all God has given us this entire year through our local church. When we do this through our Cross Church Ministry Budget, which is our first funding priority, these funds are utilized for Reaching Northwest Arkansas, America, and the World for Jesus Christ; and when we give, we are each a significant part of that mission. People need Jesus. People change the world.

Celebrating the Reason for the Season,

Ronnie Floyd
Senior Pastor

Ben Mayes
Executive Pastor of Finances & Operations