This Week at Cross Church | Reaching the Nations from NWA

First Baptist Church Siloam Springs Determines to Remain as They Are

On Sunday evening, the First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs voted to remain as they are presently. Therefore, they will not become a campus of Cross Church. We receive their decision and bless them in their future as a fellowship. I am grateful to our team for doing all we could to assist First Baptist Church of Siloam Springs during this time. They remain our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we are all working together for the glory of God. The community of Siloam Springs is growing and the opportunity is great. May they seize the day to reach their community for Christ.

Reaching the Nations

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From ministry here, throughout America, and the world, Cross Church is committed to reaching the nations. Reaching the people groups of the world begins right here by reaching the people groups in our own region. This takes intentionality and a relentless commitment by our church. In reality, it begins with each of us as we live life throughout this region. Reaching the nations occurs when our church gives weekly. Through the monies given to our church, our church will give $1.2 million over the next fiscal year (now through next September) through the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. We are a church committed to reaching the nations.

New Fayetteville Campus is Advancing

On the southeast side of Wedington Drive at Interstate 49, our new Fayetteville Campus is advancing toward completion. Its presence on the interstate is a powerful testimony of God’s work in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas. Cross Church Fayetteville will open this new campus in the early part of 2018, with a present projection of February. Plans are now being made to launch this campus into its greatest days since its birth almost seven years ago. We will move from parking in six different parking lots on Sundays to one. This reality illustrates the enormous challenges that have been overcome while advancing this campus for the past six years. Pray for this incredible upcoming opportunity.

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Faithful Stewardship is Occurring

We are so thankful for the faithful stewardship of our church. Many of our families are deeply committed to honoring the Lord with the first tenth and more. This is important to the lives of each of these families, but also for our church. When we are faithful to follow Scripture, the Lord is always more than faithful to meet our needs. As we grow in our stewardship personally, the church will advance the mission more strategically. Reaching Northwest Arkansas, America and the world is what we are all about here at Cross Church.

Jesus Number One

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Our Colossians series continues this Sunday with the second message in our four-part series. Last Sunday, we kicked the series off by teaching through Colossians 1 using the theme Consumed With Jesus. Encourage others to join you this Sunday at Cross Church.

See You Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd