EP 28: Life and Leadership Today with Guest, Jeff Crawford

Jeff Crawford-podcastHave you ever asked yourself how you know you’re in the right job? What if you take a job and realize it’s not the right place for you? Today, we talk with Jeff Crawford, who has personal experience in this area. Dr. Jeff Crawford is a husband, father of four, co-founder of the Cross Church School of Ministry, author, has over 25 years of ministry experience, and currently serves as Lead Pastor of Ministries & Teaching Pastor at Cross Church. Today, we talk with Jeff about knowing you’re in the right job. We discuss:

  • Surprise at how many people have found themselves in the wrong job
  • How to navigate through evaluating job moves
  • The impact of context on your life
  • Contentment paired with growth
  • What being in the right job really means
  • How to know you’re in the right job, and what to do if you discover you’re not

… and more. Do not miss this powerful discussion!