This Week at Cross Church | “Dreaming the Future” Begins Sunday

“Dreaming the Future” Begins Sunday

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Our new series, Dreaming the Future, begins on Sunday on all Cross Church campuses. Please do not miss any of this 4-week series. We are introducing our new GROWTH Track for Cross Church, something that will be a game changer for our church. The GROWTH Track is a culmination of 18 months of study and planning, and will be an ongoing, new way of life at Cross Church. Invite friends, and make plans now to attend all four weeks of this special series.

Sunday’s Interview on Fox News

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Did you happen to see the interview I was asked to give on Sunday’s broadcast of Fox & Friends on Fox News? I was asked to respond to the President’s proclamation of a national day to pray for Texas and Louisiana during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Not only was I allowed to talk about prayer and explain what it is, I was asked to pray for our nation on live television. To the glory of God, this interview has now been seen by many thousands of people, and the message of the Gospel along with it. If you haven’t seen it or would like to share it with others, you can find it here. Please continue to pray with us for America. We need it now more than ever in our history.

First Things First

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Thank you for being faithful to our Summer Program of Giving during the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It is important to insure we are giving the first tenth of all God has given us at all times, but the summer months can be especially challenging with vacations and travel. You stepped up and made sure Cross Church was not only able to continue ministering, but step up our ministry game throughout the summer with camps, VBX, IMPACT Ministries, sending people to serve in America and all over the world, and more. Our goal was $5,580,000 and we received $6,031,565, all to the glory of God. Thank you for giving so we can continue to reach Northwest Arkansas, America, and the world for Jesus Christ.

See you Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd