5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Recording My Weekly Podcast

MicrophoneAs my podcast, Ronnie Floyd on Life and Leadership Today, will release our 7th episode on Tuesday, I thought I would share a few brief thoughts about what I am learning from this weekly endeavor.

If you are considering beginning a podcast, perhaps this insight will be helpful. If you are a seasoned veteran of leading a podcast, thank you for your diligence and desire to help others.

1. Teamwork wins again.

I am completely reliant on a team to help me complete these podcasts each week. Without Brian Dunaway, the Leader of our Communications Team, it is impossible. His entire team remains fluid and helps me as needed or desired. My own assistants provide editing assistance, help me shape articles to be more effective, and are always valuable in anything I do.

Here it is friends: Teamwork wins again. Without this dream team, my podcast would be dead upon arrival without any hope of a resurrection. From the depths of my heart: Thank you to the people who make this possible each week.

Personal Counsel: If you do not have a team around you, it would be difficult or impossible to achieve a weekly podcast.

2. Preparation is imperative.

In these initial weeks, I have written the interview questions, the introduction of each guest, and the closure to the program. This is not easy nor should it be. Preparation is not just imperative in the life of a leader, it is everything in the life of the leader. My entire life, I am preparing.

Personal Counsel: If you are ready to prepare in a new and different way to forward your investment in the lives of others, allocate the needed time and do it.

3. Flexibility is necessary.

While preparation guides you, it should never restrain you. It is important to know how to ask follow-up questions in the midst of an interview as well as interject personal comments to advance the message to your listeners.

My sixteen years of leading the Northwest Arkansas Business Persons Summit has prepared me to do this. I have been privileged to interview some of the greatest leaders in America. Flexibility is necessary in interviewing anyone formally or informally.

Personal Counsel: It is not just important to be prepared to lead a podcast, it is also important to lead it with sensitivity in the midst of a moment that can be special and memorable.

4. Limiting length is helpful.

Our goal is to stay at 22 minutes for each podcast. This is challenging, but I think it is helpful. As a listener, a 22-minute podcast goes fast, even if the guest may not be talking about something that may interest you personally. The challenge then comes to the editor of the podcast. Most of our interviews have taken 28-40 minutes. Then, we take 18-20 minutes of leadership gold from their interview, add the bumpers on each end of the show, and comprise our 22-minute podcast. We may occasionally choose to do a longer episode, but for now, 22 minutes is our goal.

Personal Counsel: Try your best to limit the length of your podcast. People move fast and attention spans are not very long. While there are exceptions to every rule, less is usually best.

5. Great leaders abound.

Great leaders abound across our nation and world. The purpose and direction of a podcast will determine the leaders you may want to interview. Only God knows the future direction of where we need to go in my podcast. My desire is to help all leaders whether they are in business, sports, education, law, politics, entertainment, or ministry. Yet, one day, it may come crystal clear for us to begin to focus on one of these areas alone.

Speaking of great leaders, I am excited about the guest for tomorrow’s episode, April 18. Bill Simon is the former President and CEO of Walmart US and was responsible for $290 billion, 4,500 stores, 1.2 million employees, and so much more. We had a fantastic time together, and I think anyone can learn from such a growing leader and follower of Jesus Christ. After you listen to this interview, I believe his investment in your life will help you be a better leader.

Personal Counsel: Great leaders abound. It is a matter of who can help you forward what is on your heart and what is needed in the marketplace.

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Now is the Time to Lead,

Ronnie W. Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cross Church


Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the Senior Pastor of Cross Church, founder of the Cross Church School of Ministry, and host of the Ronnie Floyd on Life and Leadership Today podcast.

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