This Week at Cross Church | Thank You for Making Sunday Special

I Love CC-blog

Thank you to each person who worked diligently to make this past I Love My Church Day special. It was a joy to be part of dynamic worship services with a spirit of expectancy present. I am most grateful to God for our entire volunteer force and staff. Thank you.

Praying for Every Home in Northwest Arkansas


Please be present in one of our worship services on Sunday. We will be preaching on a strategy that will enlist you to join us for one minute a day, praying by name for up to five of your neighbors. I talked about it in a brief video this past Sunday. There is so much more to share biblically and strategically. Do not miss Sunday.

Men, Register NOW for Our Northwest Arkansas Men’s Conference


Time is racing toward our upcoming Northwest Arkansas Men’s Conference on February 24-25. This past Sunday we shared brief clips from our four speakers. Men, take a brief minute to view this now and share it with a friend immediately. Let’s have at least another 1,200 men present at this year’s conference. You will love these speakers! You can find more information and register here or on Sunday at your campus.

Share the Gospel This Week and Invite Someone to Church This Sunday

God is moving in and through Cross Church. Share the gospel this week with someone. Invite others to join you for church this Sunday. God wants all to be saved. Let’s go get them and bring them into God’s family.

Remember: Jesus’ invitation is universal! Yes, it is available to everyone and accessible to all.

I Love You Church Family, See You Sunday!

Ronnie W. Floyd