This Week at Cross Church | February at Cross Church

I Love My Church Day at Cross Church

This past Sunday was I Love My Church Day at Cross Church. Thanks for all of you who worked to make it a special day. We had a great day of worship and hearing from the Word of God. Let’s never forget that Jesus loves His church and gave His life for it. We should love Jesus’ church.

NWA Men’s Conference  – Time is Running Out!

Time is running out to register for our NWA Men’s Conference on the evening of February 24. We will fill up, so be sure to sign up soon. We will have a powerful evening of worship and teaching as we hear from Dr. Jarrett Stephens of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, and Dr. Kie Bowman from Hyde Park Baptist Church and The Quarries Church in Austin, Texas. Eat before you come or bring food with you, and we will provide a snack and bottled water to keep you going throughout the evening. Register now and join us at the Fayetteville Campus for this dynamic evening.

LOVE IS… Series Concludes This Week

This Sunday, our LOVE IS… series concludes as we finish teaching from 1 Corinthians 13. It has been a tremendous time of learning and growth the past few weeks, and I hope you’ll join us for the conclusion. If you missed this past Sunday, be sure to catch up here before this weekend.

Your Financial Support Matters

Have you started off the year in financial obedience to the Lord by giving at least the first tenth of all He has entrusted to you? That step of obedience is important for each of us in our personal relationship with the Lord, but it is also important for Cross Church. So many depend on this ministry and together we depend on the Lord to meet our individual needs and the needs of Cross Church. Through your gifts, we are able to provide for local needs such as our choice food pantry, Feed the 479, support church plants throughout our nation, and help take the gospel to the world. No matter the size, your gifts to the Lord through Cross Church are needed and appreciated.

Love One Another… National Day of Prayer on May 2

February is a perfect time to reflect on love. But what if we carried the principles of love with us for the rest of the year? Our theme for this year’s National Day of Prayer is LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Check out this article about taking love with us not just during the month of February, but throughout the year.

See You Sunday,

Ronnie W. Floyd

Love One Another All Year

Love is frequently the topic of conversation during this week in February. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, there is no mistaking that a day focused on love is coming. From jewelry commercials to candy in heart-shaped boxes, the thought and idea of love permeates our culture during the first part of February.

But what if we focused on love all year long? What if we took the principles of love and put them into practice during the month of June? Or September? Every day of the year? I don’t mean romantic love. I mean the kind of love that causes us to truly appreciate someone else. To be kind, to sacrifice self, give to others, and desire good things for someone else. Not just in our families, but in our workplaces, schools, churches, and communities.

That is exactly what this year’s theme of the National Day of Prayer is calling us to do. LOVE ONE ANOTHER is not just a theme for a day of prayer. It is a calling to each of us to put into practice principles of love every day. Our families need us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Our workplaces need us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. America needs us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. The world needs us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. It is a high calling, and one that has the potential to change not only our own personal circles, but America and the world.

Where will you pray with us on Thursday, May 2, 2019? Will you join a community gathering or host a gathering in your workplace? Will you attend or help host a gathering in your church? Join with others to pray for America and ask God for a LOVE ONE ANOTHER movement in our families, workplaces, cities, towns, states, and nation. Cry out to God with us on this day. Share with others using the image below and invite others to join you at a prayer gathering on Thursday, May 2.