This Week at Cross Church | HOPE, A New Sermon Series Begins This Weekend

This coming weekend, we celebrate Easter! This is our day of triumph, a day of everlasting hope!


Sunday, we begin a new series on HOPE. Our theme for the entire weekend is “Hope for Heaven.” This is a tremendous weekend for us to invite and bring many people with us to Cross Church. Please attend and bring people to the campus you regularly attend. You can discover times and options here.

HOPE Series Begins Sunday

Our new series on HOPE begins this weekend. This series will look at several matters relating to last things, and we want to extend an everlasting hope. Here is what we will teach over the next five weeks:

  • April 19-20: Hope for Heaven
  • April 27: Hope Through Judgment
  • May 4: Hope Over Hell
  • May 11: Hope for Restoration
  • May 18: Hope in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

These five weeks will cover subjects that people want to know about, so please invite others weekly. Let’s pray for everlasting hope to be communicated and everlasting life experienced by many people.

Pray for our Prayer Gathering for Arkansas Pastors and all Ministers

On April 21-22, our entire Ministry Team will join me in Little Rock, Arkansas, as I lead a statewide prayer gathering for Arkansas Southern Baptist Pastors and all Ministers. Our prayer gathering is focused on praying for revival personally, revival in the church, and spiritual awakening in America. Please pray diligently and intentionally on Monday, April 21, from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. and Tuesday, April 22, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon.

Pray for Your Pastor

Friends, I need you with me in prayer, at this time, more than ever before. I have much upon me in these days and have been so blessed, but I need God’s overwhelming presence and leadership to do it all His way. Thanks for praying for me.

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd

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5 Ways a Pastor’s Wife can add Value to her Husband and his Ministry

A pastor’s wife can add priceless value to her husband and his God-called ministry. I want to share, from my perspective as a Pastor, the value of a pastor’s wife.

Pastor.JeanaA brief personal story

Marrying Jeana was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life and ministry. Anyone that knows me and knows Jeana would agree. She was raised in the home of a pastor and already understood local church ministry. Her ability as an accomplished pianist probably landed me my first church! To say the least, it helped persuade them to call me.

Through the years, Jeana has added value to my personal life, personal ministry, and each church I have served. She adds value to my life and calling that extends from and beyond Cross Church. You see, I never have to worry. She is faithful. She prays. She walks with Christ. She leads. She ministers. She worships. She loves the church. She loves the Great Commission. Her value is priceless!

How can a pastor’s wife add value to her husband’s ministry?

The thoughts I share today are not only from watching my own wife, but observing hundreds of pastor’s wives for years. I also have the personal privilege to observe the wives of our own ministers who serve on my Pastoral Staff Team. From all of that and more, I want to list five ways I believe a pastor’s wife can add value to her husband’s ministry:

1. Mature in your personal walk with Jesus Christ.

There is nothing you can do for your husband, his ministry, and the church you serve together that is any more important than your walk with Christ. Have a time with God in His Word and in prayer each day. Always grow in your own personal walk, humbling yourself before others, learning from their walk with Christ.

2. Grow in your marriage.

In the early years of marriage, we all act in ways we do not look back upon fondly. Mistakes are endless and often. Yet, it is not about our past, or even the present, but where we are going in the future. As the wife of a pastor, do all you can to keep growing in your marriage. Your husband’s mistakes will probably be more plentiful than your own, so love him unconditionally. Give him a break. Most of all, extend to him the privilege to grow also.

3. Love the church.

The church you serve is Jesus’ church. While there may be people that disappoint you, hurt you, and at times come close to destroying you and your husband’s ministry, love the church. Refuse bitterness. Refuse skepticism. Refuse cynicism. None of it is of God. Always love the church. This is why we remember it is His, not ours. We serve Him above all, not just others.

4. Always be honest with your husband.

At times, a pastor needs to unload on someone he can trust. Besides Jesus, I do not know of anyone that needs to be that person more than the wife of a pastor. Listen to him. Do not judge him. However, when he asks your opinion, and he will, always be honest with him. He may not always want to hear you, but in love, share honestly with him. Understand that when you approach him with an issue, your timing is also of utmost importance. Through the years, he will learn the value of your input. This does not mean that your perspective is always right any more than his. Yet, together, process and pray. Grow together in how to walk through difficult times.

5. Encourage him in his future.

God has called your husband to ministry. Ultimately, he belongs to Jesus Christ. Therefore, encourage him in his future. When he wants to dream about it, do not rain on his parade. Let him dream. When God opens ministry doors in his future, encourage his calling and the development of what God is doing with and through him. Yes, there will be a point where both of you work through it together in an honest and transparent way. This is never easy. Once children enter your lives, it becomes even more complicated. Again, always remember: He belongs to Jesus Christ and is called to reach the world for Christ with the gifts he has been given by God. God will make a way when you do not see a way. He will uphold you to make the needed transitions towards the future. Trust Him.

I pray this has encouraged you today. Unquestionably, a pastor’s wife is priceless!

Yours for the Great Commission,

Ronnie W. Floyd

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