This Week at Cross Church | Fall Kick-Off Recap and Plug in Now

Kick-Off Recap


Last Sunday, Fall Kick-Off at all of our campuses was phenomenal. Our church family had a great time of fellowship together and we prepared to launch into the fall.

Plug in Now!

Plugged In-blog

Now is the time to get plugged in for the fall. Small groups make a large church smaller and give you the opportunity to grow in your faith alongside others. It is our desire for every member of Cross Church to be in a small group. If you are not involved in a small group, there is no better time than right now to get started. Use our website to locate a group on your campus. If you are already involved in a small group, thank you, and I pray you will continue in your commitment to the spiritual journey God has you on with your group.


All In-blog1

We have had an incredible summer of ministry – impacting many, many lives for Jesus. Thank you, Cross Church Family. Our Summer Program of Giving has just two weeks remaining and we need everyone. If you have been away and not able to give, NOW is the time to catch up. We need everyone to help us end our summer with everything we need to fully fund our ministries as we head into fall.

Do Not Miss Sunday, September 11

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Sunday, September 11 will be special at Cross Church. On the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we will have a special time of prayer for America in all of our worship services. Make plans now to be here. You will not want to miss it.

Now is the Time to Lead,

Ronnie W. Floyd

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Church’s Attendance This Weekend from Chuck Lawless

Last week, I read a blog post and immediately knew I wanted our staff at Cross Church to see it. In 10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Church’s Attendance This Weekend, Chuck Lawless gives us a fabulous reminder of how simple it can be to reach out to our friends and neighbors. Pastors, read this article. Apply it. Send it to your staff, and even your church members.


Want some simple ways to increase your church’s attendance this weekend? Consider these possibilities:

1. Make sure you’re there. If you and your family are present, that commitment might itself increase the attendance.

2. Pray for a larger number of people to hear the gospel. Too often, we don’t ask God to bring people unless we’re suddenly worried about attendance or dollars. Pray diligently instead for people to come to hear the gospel.

Read the remaining 8 ways here.